Borehole Inspection Camera

Borehole Camera in Punjab

As we already know people face different form of problem like house explosion, many child falls in well, earth quake, land hazardous occurs, so prevent from these form of problem we manufacture new gadget called a Borehole Camera which is used in different ways in different situations. Those situations are; for to safe life of the victim who fall in well/pipe/drilled hole, to search level of water, to search where these mineral/water available underground, find the leakage or blockage in well, Whenever going to buy plot or land for making house first inspect the land either it is hazardous free or not, etc. So, Active India manufacture this new product with creative, Hi-Tec, full skilled, innovative product by the help of experienced people of this field. If Customer face problem while using or buying this product then they directly intimate us, we are the best seller and dealer who make aware customers with full description regarding the product and their use, sell it Online from website portal and offline as Borehole Camera in Punjab spy stores in Punjab.

We provide these spy products as Borehole video inspection camera, Borehole underwater inspection camera, Pipe Inspection Camera, Underwater rotating monitor, etc are used for underground inspection work. This gadget used to record video and capture images of underground and display it on pc, monitor or on mobile device at 4,10,000 pixels high resolution image available as Borehole Camera in India .

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