Mobile Phone Jammer and Signal Boosters

Mobile Jammer in Punjab

Are you feeling disturbance while worship in holy places? Are you feeling irritation in office by someone’s call? Do you want spend some time away from these mobile/pc/Wi-Fi gadget? Then Active India Digital Products will help you out these problems by inventing Mobile Jammer in India , we are the best seller and dealer who help customer to get best quality product with affordable price. Customer can easily get these gadgets from spy store of Punjab or online from our website portal. Mobile Jammer used for many application like stop student from cheating in game, maintain peace in schools and colleges, conduct disturbance free presentations, create no mobile zone in Hospital, stop terrorist activities by disturbing their communications, stop people to disturbing others on public places like temple, churches, restaurants, cinema halls, etc.

These gadgets use the same frequency as mobile/network tower frequency to jam the signals. Sometime jammer used by terrorist, kidnappers other illegal people who use these gadgets to misguide the police by hiding their location, because of which police or investigator cannot be able to find the exact location of them. Mobile Jammer in Punjab present with different characteristic, every mobile jammer is having different character of them. Customer can choose that according to your real situation and your requirement. Here we hope our team can offer you the best choice and service.

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